Jar Thuraya: a social enterprise

Souhad A. Zaki@souhad_16 Jar Thuraya is an inclusive platform that connects youth to their roots & #food heritage. They seek to: (1) empower #women who prepare traditional food by creating personalized brands & connecting them to larger markets. #socialenterprise (2) Preserve Lebanon’s culinary #heritage by teaching the youth #traditional techniques online and on spot by […]

DecafQuest #14: Conversation with the #healthNERDS. Corona outbreak, current and future measure, food safety and more

DecafQuest #14 with #healthNERDS @ZakiaDimassi, @planetperfume, @KnowYourMeal and @hadito13 is out! Topics discussed include the corona outbreak, an evaluation of the steps taken thus far, current and future measures, and food safety and nutrition. #Health #NERDS #CORONA Zakia Dimassi (@ZakiaDimassi) a Pediatrician and medical educator based in Lebanon Lama Awada (@planetperfume) is a hypochondriac who’s […]

Plant outside the box, inside the pot! All eyes on Basil

This thread was written by Mr. Avocado (@MouhanedD) on March 19, 2020. Plant outside the box, inside the pot.Hi Basil (the mint family)The herb has received a lot of attention from farmers due to burgeoning market demand from Europe and United Arab Emirates. As the demand is increasing, production of basil is still low. Kenyan farmers are […]

Current barriers to a profitable Lebanese agricultural sector

This thread was written by Mr. Avocado (@RizkCharbel) on March 17, 2020. As promised thread Agriculture Lebanon. Output is 3% of GDP, 0.5% of exports and employs 26% of labor force around 30% of land is used. McKinsey Report (2019), currently Lebanon has a neutral comparative advantage for the agricultural sector although a priority sector. […]

Terrace farming vs vertical agriculture: a few thoughts

This thread was written by Mr. Avocado (@MouhanedD) on March 20, 2020. Terrace Farming was first created by the Phoenicians due to the habitats and mountains land. The system was abandoned since then, and never been developed. Phoenicians used terraces for orchard farming, olives, oranges, apples. They deployed a proper irrigation system that utilizes the […]

Barriers to agricultural exports in a Lebanese context

This thread was written by Souhad A. Zaki (@souhad_16) on March 18, 2020. Compared to its surrounding, Lebanon has the highest percentage of agricultural land (see figure 1) and its climate is relatively moderate. These competitive advantages are not translating into increasing agricultural productivity & exports. Why? Needless to say, since 1992, the successive governments […]

A volunteer bike brigade

Source: the NY Times “On Friday, Liz Baldwin, a librarian at the New York Public Library, was told that she wouldn’t be coming to work for at least the next two weeks. She did not think long about what to do next — recently, a friend in China had told her about the couriers of […]


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