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What is All 4 Lebanon? We are citizens and experts putting our skills, knowledge and resources to use in order to serve the community and better Lebanese governance. In the educative spirit of the Thawra and following the spontaneous initiative Finance4Lebanon, we create and curate quality content to spark productive conversations, grassroots initiatives and empowered civic engagement. Let’s help each other become better equipped and keep reclaiming Lebanon’s governance. This initiative is run in the spirit of collaboration, community building, open education, critical thinking and citizen empowerment.

Who can contribute?

Everyone! Anyone who wants to put their skills to use can tweet about topics they are passionate and knowledgeable about and include the hashtag #All4Lebanon. We are currently focusing on Public Health in light of the Coronavirus epidemic, and are following #HealthNerds content. You can tweet #EnvironmentNerds content as well, if that’s your area of expertise! or #CommunityBuildingNerds, #ConsumerProtectionNerds, #PublicAccountabilityNerds, anything that you want the community to learn and hear. We are all ears!

We have no political or religious affiliations whatsoever and publish content entirely independently. We are by citizens for citizen, for a better Lebanon.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to reach out. We are here for it.

Yalla habibi, let’s fix broken systems.


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THREAD: Citizen watch groups on twitter #All4Lebanon @All4Lebanon 

One of the positive things coming off the recent nakba in our country is how a group of concerned citizens organically pulled their expertise together for the greater good and the benefit of all. 

The NERDS are spread out all over the world, come from various backgrounds and (am sure) have differing political leanings. But the NERDS put all that aside to focus on how their finance expertise could help the country they love. 

The results were smashing: in less than 3 months, the NERDS exposed financial shenanigans going on for 30 years, helped raise awareness in the broader population and gained the respect of experts, local and international, giving the NERDS access to more mainstream media (TV, print).

I expect and hope the NERDS can continue serving this role, that of a concerned and expert watch group on all things financials, both guiding and influencing people in power, as well as providing much needed controls. 

But the country needs more, much more. We should be using a similar approach to create NERDS-like think tanks in other areas, such as (my view, more needed):

Environment: the air we breathe, the water we drink and swim in, the food we eat are ALL contaminated. Our forests are in danger of disappearing. Our coast line has been stolen. 

Health crisis management: we need our doctors and nurses to be out there, explaining to the broader public how fucked up we are because of the incompetence of our government and how best to manage the current epidemic

Women rights, childhood abuse, consumer protection, education, small business expertise, and much much more is needed … 

I am sure there are experts out there who are itching to help within their fields. Please let’s use this platform to do that. 

If you are a doctor, a nurse, a healthcare professional, an environmentalist, etc. who wants to share thoughts, please, Lebanon needs you NOW.  

If you know one of the above, please tag them and encourage them to help. 

We *need* experts to raise hell, because our governments have made our lives hell.

I bought and am donating the all4lebanon.com website to serve as a place to host these conversations, along the model started by finance4lebanon.com. If you’re willing to help by maintaining parts of the website, please DM-me. 

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