Plant outside the box, inside the pot! All eyes on Basil

This thread was written by Mr. Avocado (@MouhanedD) on March 19, 2020.

Plant outside the box, inside the pot.
Hi Basil (the mint family)
The herb has received a lot of attention from farmers due to burgeoning market demand from Europe and United Arab Emirates.

As the demand is increasing, production of basil is still low. Kenyan farmers are on meeting six per cent of the demand in the international market.
Growing is simple. Although the crop can be grown in open fields, growing in greenhouse ensures good quality meets requirements

Basil can be grown in most parts of #Lebanon. All it requires is that you do a soil analysis and a comprehensive market research. You need to get good quality seeds for a quality produce. Invest in a good storage facility to maintain farm freshness.

If one is targeting export, then some trainings and certifications must be obtained prior – simple, not complicated. Moreover, it is a low maintenance plant due to its high resistance to pests.

A standard green house of a dimension of 8× 30 m. would produce up 100 kg of basil.
Farmers are expected to make 1 USD/month per SQM. In addition farmers can work on organic pesto sauce, Basil essential oil…

Please ask questions
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