DecafQuest #14: Conversation with the #healthNERDS. Corona outbreak, current and future measure, food safety and more

DecafQuest #14 with #healthNERDS @ZakiaDimassi, @planetperfume, @KnowYourMeal and @hadito13 is out! Topics discussed include the corona outbreak, an evaluation of the steps taken thus far, current and future measures, and food safety and nutrition.


Zakia Dimassi (@ZakiaDimassi) a Pediatrician and medical educator based in Lebanon

Lama Awada (@planetperfume) is a hypochondriac who’s also a researcher in the fields of biophysics and immunology, currently based in Marseilles

Hadi Khachab (@hadito13) is an Interventional Cardiologist. He studied medicine and cardiology in France where he has been living for 18 years. He loves food, travel, and Fairouz

Maysa Bou Dargham (@KnowYourMeal) is a Food Safety and Hygiene Specialist

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