Terrace farming vs vertical agriculture: a few thoughts

This thread was written by Mr. Avocado (@MouhanedD) on March 20, 2020.

Terrace Farming was first created by the Phoenicians due to the habitats and mountains land. The system was abandoned since then, and never been developed. Phoenicians used terraces for orchard farming, olives, oranges, apples.

They deployed a proper irrigation system that utilizes the force of gravity, and trickles the water from upper to lower terrain. Now most of us are using the terraces to orchard as well which is great but we missed the irrigation due to ruthless water management for decades.

This can be fixed easily if farmers corporate and they must for their own benefit.

To make it short, farmers can use the wall of terrace for vertical gardening, they can grow vineyards, Kiwi, Edible flowers, Tomatoes, Peas, Zaatar, Oregano… and other plants can be developed.

Not much investment is needed, but corporation, area organizations, municipalities can play a role to hold farmers together. Vertical gardening can improve fertilizing, pest control for orchards as well as doubling revenue on short run, i.e. quick cash.

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