Survival time of #SARSCoV2 on surfaces

Lama @planetperfume

A lot of people are asking about the survival time of #SARSCoV2 on surfaces, while we can’t give you exact answers, a recent study sheds some light on the matter

– Virus can remain stable on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hrs but its infectivity is substantially reduced after 48-72 hrs.

– Virus doesn’t last more than 24 hrs on cardboard. (If you’re worried about your packages/parcels)

– Virus lasts up to 4 hours on copper.

Bottom line:

  • Take extra care if you work at a post office or in delivery.
  • Virus can last from few hours up to 3 days depending on the surface and the environment.
  • Disinfect shared surfaces
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid touching your face

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