Coronavirus vaccine


Randy Issa @RH4N6

Since every now and then i read about the availability of a vaccine for Coronavirus, here’s a thread about Vaccines: 

No single institution has the capacity or facilities to develop a vaccine by itself. There are also more stages to the process than many people appreciate (1) 

First, we must understand the virus’s characteristics and behaviour in the host (humans). To do this, we must first develop an animal model. (2) 

Next, we must demonstrate that potential vaccines are safe and can trigger the right parts of the body’s immunity, without causing damage. Then we can begin pre-clinical animal testing of potential vaccines, using the animal model (3) 

Vaccines that successfully pass pre-clinical testing can then be used by other institutions with the capacity to run human trials (4) 

Generally, it is ideal to test such vaccines in the setting of the current outbreak (5) 

Finally, if a vaccine is found to be safe and effective, it will need to pass the necessary regulatory approvals. And a cost-effective way of making the vaccine will also need to be in place before the final vaccine is ready for delivery (6) 

It doesn’t happen overnight you know! It took 20 months to develop a vaccine for SARS for example. A vaccine for COVID-19 has already been developed with the help of technological advances but it needs to pass pre-clinical then clinical trials now.

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